eTheses at Lancaster: a guide to submitting an electronic thesis

Many thanks to Louise Tripp and Annette Lawrence from the Library for delivering the useful session on eThesis submission recently.

Panopto_Logo  In case you missed it, you can now view the recording.

The Library website also provides guidance:


Are outputs uploaded to Pure searchable from outside the institutional repository? Yes, Google indexes the contents of Pure/ePrints.

During the session, Louise referred to HEFCE’s future requirements for making research open access so that it would count towards the post-2014 REF. Is it necessary to upload research conducted in previous employment at other institutions?  The policy will apply from 1 April 2016 to accepted journal articles/conference proceedings with ISSN so Lancaster researchers would have to deposit and make it Open Access from that point to count towards the post-2014 REF. They wouldn’t have to make research open access retrospectively.


PDF features

A series of questions arose during the ‘Do you need to submit an electronic thesis?’ session earlier this week about the features of the PDF version of your electronic thesis, or indeed any other PDF document uploaded to PURE (Lancaster University’s Research Information System).

Does my PDF need to be machine readable? Yes! If you are creating your PDF from a word processor like Microsoft Word then it will be machine readable. This will be more useful to readers as they can search within the text of the thesis. The exception would be for older documents where the digital version is no longer available, so the PDF is generated from a print copy (i.e. is a scanned image).

Should I apply security features in my PDF? No. There are features in Adobe Acrobat to apply security or Digital Rights Management features to your PDF document. When submitting the PDF version of your thesis please don’t apply these features as it would cause problems for future readers of your work. You can trust us to apply any agreed embargo or restriction on your behalf.

Will Google index my electronic thesis? Yes. Once your electronic thesis is uploaded, Google and other search engines can index the information about your thesis (metadata) through Pure portal and ePrints (Lancaster University’s Respository). If your thesis is restricted or embargoed only the metadata will show. That way readers still know that your research exists.