Research bites: an introduction to Digital Preservation

On Thursday 12th January I gave a Research Bites session on Digital Preservation. I’ve talked about this topic before and the advice I gave was the same – you can read about it here.  These are the slides I used:

which contains the basics of our approach and advice for researchers to ensure their research is preserved for the long term.

If we are going to value data we need to give it value.

Over the past twelve months I have slightly changed the emphasis of my approach to digital preservation. The secret to successful digital preservation is not about seeking a technical solution – it’s about good practice from the outset. If we are going to value data we need to give it value.  The process of preservation is one of collaboration to achieve the goal of long term access.

This means we should take the time to create useful and rich metadata; which gives context and meaning to the data. It doesn’t matter how sophisticated our technology is, if the data doesn’t make sense, or can’t be interpreted then there isn’t any point in keeping it.

It’s not just a requirement it’s also an opportunity.

Ultimately  the researcher is the one who is best placed to decide what data is of value and how best to keep it usable and accessible. This means preserving not just the raw data but the context as well. It’s not just a requirement it’s also an opportunity to highlight and promote excellent research undertaken by the university.

If you want to know more about managing your research data and making it available, now and into the future please get in touch or look at our website for more.



Research Bites in January 2016

Many thanks to everyone who has attended one or more Research Bites sessions this academic year so far. I hope you have gained valuable insights and made new connections.

Research Bites will be back in January, on the theme of Research Data.

DMPOnline – Data Management Plans made easy
Friday 15th January, 12.00, Bowland North SR 3
Get an introduction to the DMPonline system, and some useful tips that will make the writing of a Data Management Plan easier.
Hardy Schwamm, Research Data & Repository Manager, Library

Digital Preservation for Research Data
Wednesday 20th January*, 12.00, Bowland North SR 3
Tips on preparing and selecting your research data for long term preservation.
Rachel MacGregor, Digital Archivist, Library

Research data storage, sharing and collaboration using Box
Friday 22nd January, 12.00 Bowland North SR 3
This session will demonstrate how to use Lancaster University Box, a cloud based file storage solution provided by ISS, to share files within the university and with external collaborators, and highlight other features and resources you to take your research file sharing to a new level.
Chris Dixon, Head of Service Delivery & Operations, ISS

Research Data security and encryption
Monday 25th January, 12.00 Bowland North SR 3
Description to follow.
Graeme Hughes, Head of Faculty IT, and John Couzins, IT Security Manager, ISS

Your researcher identity – ORCID
Tuesday 26th January, 12.00 Bowland North SR 11
Find out what ORCID is, and how it can help you to capture and distinguish your research outputs.
Tanya Williamson, Academic Liaison Librarian, Library

Wishing you a restful holiday, and a Happy New Year!

Tanya Williamson, Academic Liaison Librarian

*this date has changed.

Photo Credit: hddod via Compfight cc