Recordings archive

We try to record every Research Bites session using Panopto lecture capture software, so that you can look back on the session, or access sessions you can’t come to in person.

Panopto records the audio of the session (ideally, but not always, including the voices of participants) and whatever is shown on the screen e.g. presentation slides, demonstrations of web-based systems, documents etc.

The majority of presenters permit us to record the session, and the majority of recordings are open to the public. You will be prompted to log in to view most recordings, in which case you can use your Lancaster University username and password if you have one. If you don’t, feel free to contact us and we’ll try to get hold of a copy of the slides for you.

Live stream links are advertised on the Research Bites live stream page on the Lancaster University Library website.

A-Z of all Recordings

Achieving impact through social media (2017)

Adding publications and activities to Pure v.2 (2015)

Altmetrics: beyond the impact factor (2015)

Bang those robots’ heads together (2015)

Choosing a creative commons licence for your research (2016)

Collecting and curating impact evidence (2016)

Costs to consider in your proposal (2015) [see also: Research finances… 2016]

CV Tips for PhDs (2015)

Digital Preservation for Research Data (2016)

Data management plans made easy (2017)

eTheses at Lancaster v.2 (2015)

Finding International Company Information (2015)

Finding UK Company Information (2015)

Finding your first research job (2016)

From database search to writing (2015)

Getting you first lecturing job (2016)

Get better at literature searching (2016) (very quiet recording)

Going Beyond Google and OneSearch (2015)

How do I engage with business and get industry partnerships? (2016)

How do I make my research open access? (2017)

How to mine and store bitcoins for free! Big data and high end computing (2017)

How to write a good Justification of Resources (2016)

Impact Factors (2015)

Licensing your work with Creative Commons (2017)

More than the H-index  (2015)

Pathways to Impact statements (2016)

REF Impact 101 (2016)

Refining your search strategy: using keywords, subject headings, thesaurus (2015)

Research finances – costs to consider in your proposal (2016)

Research Data, Security and Encryption (2016)

ResearchFish for funded students (2017)

ResearchFish for researchers (2017)

Scopus: Time-saving tips for navigating peer-reviewed academic literature (2016)

Search/Remix/Reuse – Research Bites (2014)

Searching the Library: OneSearch and databases  (2014)

Scholarly publishing and open access: things to consider (2016)

Social media for researchers: ResearchGate and (2014)

Social Media for Researchers – Twitter (2014)

Social media: insights from an academic department  (2015)

Submitting an eThesis (2015)

Succeeding at interviews (2016)

The Importance of Networking (2016)

The Power of SciVal (2015)

Tools for sharing open research materials (2015)

Updating Your Pure Profile and CV (2015)

Using copyright material in your research (2017)

Using Qualtrics to gather survey data (2017)

What About Patents? (2014)

What is Pure and Why Should I Use It? (2016)

What you need to know about Open Access (2015)

Where to store my research data (2015)

Where to publish research data (2016)

Your identity as a researcher – ORCID v2 (2016)

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