Research costings and justifications

Many thanks to Andrew Wilkinson, Phil Lewis and Verity Williams for delivering two very informative sessions in December.

Research finance – costs to consider in your proposal

The recording of this session is now available on the Recordings Archive. You can also download the slides.

Unfortunately the questions were not audible on the recording. If you have questions about costings, please contact a member of the Pre-Award Team in Research Services for support.

How to write a good justification of resources (JoR)

Thankfully the questions sound quality was better during this session. The recording of this session is now available and questions are audible from 23 minutes 42. You can also download the slides.

Questions arose on the topics of :

  • Justifying funding of PhD students
  • Justifying working with professors and specialists
  • The different wording of the JoR and Pathways to Impact statements
  • Justifying large equipment
  • Costing
  • Justifying small equipment e.g. laptops
  • Justifying networking events

Next sessions

Research contracts – an introduction

Thursday 15th December, 12pm, Bowland North SR 2. Live stream at 12.00 GMT. 
An opportunity to learn more about research contracts: what are they, why are they important, when are they necessary and what support can I expect?
Julia Krier, Senior Contracts Officer, Research & Enterprise Services

ACP basics and approving your research costing

Monday 19th December, 12pm, Bowland North SR3. Live stream at 12.00 GMT. 
Hear about these essential tips for making the most of the Library’s discovery tool.
Gina Ramsden, Research Development Officer, Research & Enterprise Services

See you there!


Cultures of counting: Metrics through a critical lens

Some Research Bites attendees may be interested in the Cultures of counting: Metrics through a critical lens seminar on Tuesday 24th May, 1-3pm.

In this seminar, James Wilsdon, who chaired The Metric Tide, will outline its main findings, and reflect on ongoing efforts to influence debates about UK research policy and funding, including over the design of the next Research Excellence Framework (REF), which is currently the focus of a further review by Lord Stern.

Paul Ashwin, in the context of the proposed TEF, will examine the challenges of developing measures of teaching quality that do not simply reflect institutional prestige.

Both speakers will consider what a culture of ‘responsible metrics’ might look like for research and teaching, and the opportunities and obstacles to achieving this.

Read more…

This talk is part of the Designing the Academic Self series, sponsored by the Academics Writing project and the Northwest Doctoral Training Center and is open to early career researchers and doctoral students from Lancaster, Manchester and Liverpool universities.

To book your place, visit Eventbrite. 

Recordings on costings and justifying resources in research proposals

Happy New Year! I hope you’ve had a good break.

In December 2015, our colleagues from Research Services delivered Research Bites sessions on a number of topics relating to Research Funding.

Claire O’Donnell’s session on ‘Costs to consider for you proposal‘ was brief yet informative:

  • Full economic costing
  • Cost to consider, what you might include
  • What do funders contribute

This session generated questions from participants, such as:

How do I work with small, start-up companies, who can’t afford to cover 100% of our full economic costs?

How are professional services staff costed?


A recording of ‘How to write a good Justification of Resources‘ by Diane Brackley, is now available to view and listen to.

Diane’s talk included links to:

Questions arose around:

  • the use and costing of servers and virtual machines
  • generating different costing scenarios
  • Research Council’s preference for collaboration

In both of these sessions, Principle Investigators (PIs) are encouraged to get in touch with Research Services early on in the proposal process in order to work out costings, and to address questions relating to funding calls.

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Research funding opportunities | EU timesheets

Thanks to Andrew Wilkinson and Alan Smith from Research & Contract Support Office for their informative sessions.

Research Professional for finding funding opportunities

Research Professional is a global database of funding opportunities which the University subscribes to. Andrew repeated his demonstration of this database which shows:

  • keyword searching
  • advanced search e.g by discipline, career stage, funder, deadline
  • previews of the opportunity, with links to further information
  • research news

A recording of the demo with audio is now available.

Completing EU timesheets: FP7 and H2020

The completion of timesheets is an essential auditing requirement for both FP7 and Horizon 2020 grants from the EU. Funding can’t be claimed from the Commission without them.

Alan explained the calculations used in both types of projects, and showed the template timesheets which have been developed by the RCSO to help you record the necessary information.

A recording of the presentation and demo with audio is now available.

If you have further questions about the process, or feedback about the timesheets, please contact Alan Smith directly.

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Research Bites after the flood…

If you are wondering whether the Research Bites is running for the rest of term, the answer is YES!

Today at 12 noon: Completing EU timesheets, Alan Smith, Bowland North SR1.

Unfortunately ‘Managing EU Projects’ was cancelled earlier in the week due to the effects of the storm. Subsequent sessions are planned to run as normal, all being well.

Research funding and finance in December

Research Professional for finding funding opportunities
Wednesday 2nd December, 12.00, Bowland North SR1
An overview of Research Professional and how to use the database to find funding opportunities.
Andrew Wilkinson, Research Support Officer, Research Services.

Managing EU Projects in Horizon 2020
Tuesday 8th December, 12.00, Bowland North SR19
Insights on how to manage EU budgets, including Horizon 2020 projects.
Mary English, Project Manager, Engineering.

Completing EU Timesheets
Thursday 10th December, 12.00 Bowland North SR1
Why are timesheets needed? Are there any specific guidelines I need to follow?
Yes! Learn how to get it right the first time.
Alan Smith, Research Support Assistant, Research Services

Costs to consider in your proposal
Friday 11th December, 12.00 Bowland North SR19
Look at the cost of the resources required to carry out your research project in line with research funder guidelines, and to what extent these costs are covered by research funders.
Claire O’Donnell, Research Support Officer, Research Services.

How to write a good Justification of Resources
Tuesday 15th December, 12.00, Bowland North SR19
An explanation of how the Justification of Resources should be written so reviewers can assess whether the resources requested are appropriate for the research posed.
Diane Brackley, Research Support Officer, Research Services.

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Managing EU Budgets – including Horizon 2020

Many thanks to Mary English, Project Manager for Tweether for delivering the Research Bites session on Managing a EU Budget – including Horizon 2020 back in May.

The recording of the session is now available to view.