Research Bites is back in November 2016


Sincere thanks to all of the presenters and participants of Research Bites this last year! It has been a successful year, with 130 people attending one or more sessions, notching up 211 attendances.


Special thanks to colleagues in Careers who attracted 55 participants to 5 sessions in August and September. You can find out about their other events and job opportunities by logging into Lancaster Target Connect.

Elaine Davies based her session ‘Getting your first lecturing job‘ on the findings of a report undertaken by AGCAS, the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services.


You can revisit sessions that you missed or want to experience again by browsing the titles in the Recordings Archive. In August we trialled live streaming of the recording, which means more of our research staff and students can benefit from the sessions.

Research Bites in 2016-17

Research Bites will resume in November 2016. As yet the programme hasn’t been devised, but you can expect to see topics on:

  • Information seeking
  • Information management
  • Research data and infrastructure
  • Scholarly publishing
  • Researcher profiles
  • Intellectual Property, copyright and enterprise
  • Research funding and resources
  • Research impact and metrics
  • Careers

We’ll be looking into making a Moodle area for Research Bites in the future to make the programme, materials and recordings more accessible for University members.


We hope that every session you have attended or presented has helped you in some way. If you’d like to send any feedback about what you’ve learned, a connection you’ve made or something you have done differently as a result of attending a Research Bites session, please send it to us using this form:

 See you in November!


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