Watch recordings of the sessions you’ve missed

We’ve had many people asking how to access the recordings of Research Bites that they’ve missed or couldn’t get to because they are based away from campus.

You can look through an A-Z of recordings on the Recordings archive page. Recordings are made using Panopto lecture capture, so you will usually see a video of the screen, with slides or online demos, and hear a voice over. The recordings are taken of the sessions as they are, so they will include interruptions, questions and the occasional mumblings and fumblings that you’d expect from people delivering the real thing! They are often edited at the start and end so you don’t have to watch 3 minutes of the presenter messing with PowerPoint and talking to themselves.

Some presenters prefer not to be recorded, or require that we only make them available to University members.

We’re considering using Panopto’s streaming function in the future, which will allow you to watch the recording as it takes place, and raise your questions live, but we’re not quite there.

Next session: Filing and commercialising a patent based on your research

Tues 8th March, 12pm, Bowland North SR4
Using patents to generate impact and revenue from your research.
Gavin Smith, Intellectual Property Officer, Research Services

Photo Credit: Exile on Ontario St via Compfight cc


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