Elsevier Author Seminar

The Research Bites blog isn’t normally a vehicle for anything other than Research Bites sessions, but we’re making an exception!

Author seminar on Tuesday 19 January 2016, 2pm – 4.30pm, Management School LT01.

Dr Anthony Newman, Senior Publisher, Life Sciences Department & Michaela Kurschildgen, Customer Consultant, Elsevier, The Netherlands

Here’s your chance to learn from Elsevier, a leading publisher of science, technology and health science journals. Attend this Lancaster University seminar to find out about:

  • Types of scientific publications
  • The different types of research papers published
  • Considerations before writing
  • Choosing the right journal
  • Writing using correct language
  • The structure of the manuscript
  • The submission and review procedure
  • Author responsibilities: publishing ethics and plagiarism
  • How to use Scopus as a tool for authors

These insights into the publishing process will enable the participants to be more confident as an author in the world of science publishing, and so should help them get their papers published more easily.

Book here, while there are still places left.


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