Recordings on costings and justifying resources in research proposals

Happy New Year! I hope you’ve had a good break.

In December 2015, our colleagues from Research Services delivered Research Bites sessions on a number of topics relating to Research Funding.

Claire O’Donnell’s session on ‘Costs to consider for you proposal‘ was brief yet informative:

  • Full economic costing
  • Cost to consider, what you might include
  • What do funders contribute

This session generated questions from participants, such as:

How do I work with small, start-up companies, who can’t afford to cover 100% of our full economic costs?

How are professional services staff costed?


A recording of ‘How to write a good Justification of Resources‘ by Diane Brackley, is now available to view and listen to.

Diane’s talk included links to:

Questions arose around:

  • the use and costing of servers and virtual machines
  • generating different costing scenarios
  • Research Council’s preference for collaboration

In both of these sessions, Principle Investigators (PIs) are encouraged to get in touch with Research Services early on in the proposal process in order to work out costings, and to address questions relating to funding calls.

Photo Credit: kiactus via Compfight cc


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