Maximising your digital impact


Many thanks to Russell Reader, Head of Media Engagement in the Press Office here at Lancaster University. Russ gave a well informed talk full of good reasons and practical tips on how to make the most of online services to raise your academic profile and reach out to audiences inside and outside academia.

The session focussed mainly on:

  • Twitter
  • Blogs especially The Conversation
  • News and current affairs e.g. BBC Radio 4

Russ has kindly supplied his presentation slides for anyone who wasn’t able to get to the session.

He included a video of PhDs and researchers who had found publishing with The Conversation beneficial.


What amount of time should I commit to Twitter? Initially spend an hour a week building your network, following other accounts and re-tweeting interesting tweets. Over time allow 10 minutes a day to look at it, then gradually when you’re more confident start to engage with others, chip in your thoughts and ideas.

Are there any apps I can use to help me manage Twitter? Yes, there are many apps. A good one to use is Tweetdeck which allows you to create different ‘stacks’ or columns to filter your Twitter stream, conduct and save searches and schedule posts in advance.


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