June’s theme is Social Media


This month’s theme is Social media for communication, and as a source of data.

Join us for an informal 20 minute session. Just turn up, no need to book. Tea/coffee & cake provided.

Top Twitter tips for researchers
Thursday 4th June, 12.00. County Main SR 2
Have you dipped a toe into Twitter, but haven’t yet discovered its value to your work? Come and hear ten tips to help make it worth your while.
Tanya Williamson, Assistant Librarian, Library

Maximising digital impact
Thursday 18th June, 12.00. County Main SR 2
Get expert advice on how to manage digital media to increase engagement with your research.
Russell Reader, Head of Media Engagement, Communications and Marketing

Scraping, mapping and researching social media interactions
Tuesday 23rd June, 12.00. County Main SR 3
This session gives an overview of some tools and approaches to using social media as data for research. It will focus on methods for collecting and analysing Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and online discussion forum text and data for research, as well ways of visualising and analysing Twitter interactions.
Steve Wright, Learning Technologist, Faculty of Health and Medicine

Social media: insights from an academic department
Thursday 25th June, 12.00. County Main SR 1
Gain insights from the challenges and successes that the Law School have experienced in their use of blogs and social media to draw attention to their research activities and events.
Tom Webb, Academic Fellow, Law School

The wolves in the (news)wires: ethics, social networks, and mass media
Friday 26th June, 12.00. Charles Carter A02
This talk will discuss the ethical issues involved in balancing research into antisocial online behaviour with engaging the media on this highly sensitive topic.
Claire Hardaker, Lecturer, Linguistics and English Language


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