Writing a good Justification of Resources

Many thanks to Diane Brackley from the Research & Contracts Support Office for providing an excellent opportunity to learn about writing a Justification of Resources (JoR).

We hope tomake a recording of the session available soon.

Diane mentioned the following follow up resources to help you with your JoR.


Do I count staff time spent on impact in the Impact Planning section, or general staff costs, or both? There is space for you to count staff time for impact under Impact Planning, and you are expected to give details of the resources you need for Impact Planning in that section. Diane hasn’t seen staff time added here, but you can if your plan requires this.

I am preparing a bid for a small organisation, who use value for money as a deciding criteria. Could it be advantageous to exclude my time from the costs? It is better to include yourself, this can be calculated as a percentage of FTE, in hours per week or in hours/days. The costing is needed for Full Economic Costing (FEC) and is required internally, especially if there is going to be a lot of travel.

How do I cost for a consultant i.e. another professional, from outside the University? You need to get an estimate from the person you want to provide the consultancy. If it is going to cost more than £1000, the University will expect you to justify why this person has to be used rather than another person already employed by the University. Contact RCSO. 


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