Where to store my research data

Thanks to Graeme Hughes from ISS for the useful session all about research data storage. It was great to see so many people, and hear all of your questions.

Graeme spoke about the issues of longevity, size backup, accessibility, sharability and security of research data storage options. Graeme referred to the this summary of storage methods from Lancaster Answers.

There is extensive advice about Research Data Management, including data storage on the Library website.


How do I share data with colleagues at other Universities? Currently tendering for a cloud-based service (hope to provide an update on this in March). Can use filestore in the meantime by contacting ISS for access.

I have already extended my personal filestore, but need more. What shall I do? Ask ISS for Research filestore, which will be accessible in the same way as your personal drive.

I’d like to be able to look back at earlier, usable versions of datasets, without relying on backups. Our backup ‘snapshots’ are not really for this purpose as they only last for 3 months.

Can I use the VPN to access to access data from home/around the world? Yes, you can use VPN from anywhere.

Will the cloud service be another a drive? Yes, ISS hope it will be very much like Dropbox, you can see it like a drag and drop folder alongside your other file storage.


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