DMPOnline: Data Management Plans made easy


Thanks to Hardy Schwamm, Research Data & Repository Manager, for the useful session today looking at Data Management Plans using the web-based service DMPonline, which has been developed by the Digital Curation Centre.

The recording of the session is now available.


And here are the slides:


How do I write a Data Management Plan (DMP) when my funder provides no template or I am self-funded? In this case you choose the default Lancaster University Data Management Plan which you can access in DMPonline:

  1. Log into DMPonline and click “Create plan”
  2. Don’t select a funder from the drop-down list but click on the line below “Not applicable / not listed”
  3. A new text field “Funder name” will be visible. Type here the name of your funding body or “Lancaster University” .
  4. Click “Create plan” and confirm plan details. You now have a Lancaster University template DMP which you can fill in.

Can we have an NIHR template in DMPonline? We have contacted the Digital Curation Centre who look after the DMPonline. They have promised to look into the case and add an NIHR template to DMPonline as soon as they can.

Can I change my account details in DMPonline, e.g. when I move to another university? Yes, you can edit your profile at any time and change your email as well as update your current organisation.

You can find some more information, including links to examples of digital management plans on the Research data management section of the Library website.


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