Happy New Year! January 2015 programme awaits…

The theme in January is Research data, funding and resources. We’re bringing together presenters from the Library, Research Support Office and ISS to help you to develop your understanding of topics relating to parts of Domain C of the Researcher Development Framework: Research governance and organisation.

Using Research Professional to identify funding opportunities
Wednesday 7th January, 12.00. LICA A04
An overview of Research Professional and how to use the database to find funding opportunities.
Andrew Wilkinson, Research Support Officer, Research Support Office.

Research finances – costs to consider in your proposal
Friday 9th January, 12.00. LICA A04
Look at the cost of the resources required to carry out your research project in line with research funder guidelines, and to what extent these costs are covered by research funders. Includes staff, non-staff costs, indirect and estates costs.
Claire O’Donnell, Research Support Officer, Research Support Office.

DMPOnline – Digital Management Plans made easy
Wednesday 14th January, 12.00. LICA A04
Get an introduction to the DMPonline system and some useful tips that will make the writing of a Data Management Plan easier.
Hardy Schwamm, Research Data & Repository Manager, Library.

Where to store my research data
Friday 16th January, 12.00. Bowland North SR 09
An overview of the options available to store your research data, their pros and cons, and how to get access to and use the different storage options.
Graeme Hughes, Head of Faculty IT, Information Systems Services.

How to write a good justification of resources for a research application
Thursday 29th January, 12.00, Bowland North SR 19.
To help explain how the Justification of Resources should be written so reviewers can assess whether the resources requested are appropriate for the research posed.
Diane Brackley, Research Support Officer, Research Support Office.


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