What is Pure and why should I use it?


Many thanks to Sarah Brown from the Research & Contracts Support Office, who delivered a comprehensive overview of Pure, which included a demonstration of the key features. Pure is the University’s research information system, which feeds the Research at Lancaster portal on the University website.

We’d also like to thank Utz Roedig and Ibrahim Ethem Bagci who granted their permission for Sarah to demonstrate the system using their profiles. We hope to make the recording available to University members soon.

Again, the questions weren’t easy to hear (we need to get the boundary mic back!), so here’s a summary:


If the idea of pure is to promote and communicate your research, what is the point of keeping your profile private?  Some people choose to do these for personal reasons, and a student’s profile is private but could be made public.  Even if a profile/outputs aren’t made visible then the data can still be included in reports.

Do you have to add publications yourself?  If they haven’t been added by someone else then yes you would need to add them.  Go to the ‘Add new’ button on the right and select research output – you can create from template e.g. contribution to journal

I’m new to Lancaster and have publications from my previous work, so if I want to add these should I do them in a specific order and do I deposit to ePrints? You can’t deposit directly to ePrints, but you deposit to Pure then these will automatically be added to ePrints, and it doesn’t matter what order.

What if the journal has placed an embargo? You can add this information when adding a document – select length of embargo  and you can add document –  pure will suppress the  document until the end of the embargo.  You can use SHERPA/RoMEO  to check what each journal allows, whether there are embargos or any restrictions with depositing in a repository.

Is it mandatory for students to have a profile? No, the profile doesn’t need to be public, but a profile should exist for each student. PhD students (registered from 2011/12 onwards) will need to deposit their final version of their thesis so will need to have a profile – see Submitting your thesis on the Library website for more information.

Is Pure linked to the student portal? No it’s not linked to Moodle

Should I use Pure to create my personal webpage? It’s the obvious tool to use if you want to create a personal webpage as it shows all your research outputs.

Thanks to Louise Tripp for the Q&A notes.

Please leave your comments and further questions below.


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