Research Bites sessions in August 2014

Join us for an informal 20 minute session. Bring your lunch, and a friend.

Just turn up, no need to book.

Social media for researchers – ResearchGate and Thursday 14th August, 12.00. Bowland North SR1
Get an introduction to how social media can work for you as a researcher. Focus on: ResearchGate and

Third party copyright and fair dealing Wednesday 20th August, 12.00. Furness LT3
What to do about third party copyright in your thesis or open access document, and how to navigate the grey area of ‘fair dealing’.

Choosing a Creative Commons licence Thursday 28th August, 12.00. Bowland North SR1
Creative Commons licences and how they communicate what others can do with your work.

If you have any questions about these sessions, or you’d like to suggest a future session, please contact Tanya Williamson or 01524 594284


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