Voluntary submission of your eThesis

During the ‘Do you need to submit an electronic thesis?’ session there were some questions about voluntary submission, and which part of the procedure apply. If you started your research degree after October 2011 you are required to submit an electronic copy of your thesis. The Electronic thesis guide gives you comprehensive instructions and information about the process.

If you wish to deposit your thesis voluntarily you will need to:

  • Ensure that you have made best efforts to seek permission to include any third party copyright material in the electronic version of your thesis. If you have been unable to gain all necessary permissions, decide if you want to make an edited version publicly available.
  • Complete the Thesis Deposit form (Other Users) which is available on the Deposit page of the guide, and send it to Annette Lawrence, Thesis Office, The Library, Lancaster Unversity, Bailrigg, Lancaster, LA1 4YH
  • Convert the final version of your thesis to a single PDF file
  • Ensure that your file is named according to the format yearnamedegree.pdf (e.g. 2007smithphd.pdf)
  • Contact us at eprints@lancaster.ac.uk for details and guidance on sending the electronic version of your thesis for upload.

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